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ePTFE Gasket Tape
SEALON Gasket Tape is a flat, thin, form-in-place gasketing material.
SEALON Gasket Tape is made of pure, virgin PTFE(Polytetrafluoroethylene), which is an expanded form of belt type, having homogeneous structure characteristics. It is industrial material available to all type flanges or instruments.
  • 100%PTFE, highly compressible and conformable
  • Resists cold flow and creep
  • Pressures to 3,000psi
  • Temperatures from -450°F to +600°F
  • pH 0-14, inert to all common chemicals

Piping of wide aperture instrument, flange, gasket, manhole packing, PTFE wrapped gasket, gasket for tankcover, widely in fields of industrial sealing material for steel works, heavy chemical industry, paper manufacturing, medicine, foods pharmacy, chemical fiber, ships and chemical instrument concerned with petroleum.
  1. Select a tape width which is approximately 2/3 the width of the sealing surface.
  2. Remove dirt, particles, scale and flow materials from the surface.
  3. Lubricate the bolts and the underside of the nuts.
  4. Remove release paper from the adhesive.
  5. Apply tape to seal surface in whatever configuration necessary, pressing lightly to stick, an overlapping the ends about 1/2 inch at a bolt hole.
  6. Tighten the bolts following standard torquing sequences.
Thickness Width
Metric English Metric English
0.25mm 0.010” 25mm 1”
0.50mm 0.020” 50mm 2”
1.00mm 0.040” 75mm 3”
1.65mm 0.065” 100mm 4”
3.20mm 0.125” 150mm 6”
  • Length is available from 15 feet (= 4.6M) to 50 feet (= 15.2M).
  • Any sizes can be quoted.