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ePTFE Porous Membrane
Excellent air permeability, high-efficiency filtration and separation functional properties.
YEUMIFLON ePTFE Membrane is made of 100% PTFE under special process that creates millions of micro pores, nodes and connected fiber. This microporous membrane offers the best combination of highly efficient filtration and separation functional properties.
  • Unaffected by common chemicals, pH 0-14
  • Wide operating temperature: -400°F ~ +500°F (-200°C ~ +260°C)
  • Aging deterioration resistance:
    No deterioration and contamination after long-term storage
  • Resistance cold flow & creep relaxation:
    Excellent cold flow and creep resistance, overcome disadvantages of traditional PTFE products
  • Low friction
  • High porosity with superior air permeability property
  • Excellent water-proofing and thermal isolation properties

Compatible fluids: Corrosive fluid, acid, alkali, solvent, waste liquid and oils.
Non-compatible fluids: Melted alkali metal, fluorine at liquid and gas states.
  • Air, vapor permeation & waterproof performance
  • Filter and separation performance
  • Low dielectric constant and insulated performance
  • Heatproof, temperature & chemical resistance material
  • Biotech, sensor, and optical materials

Specification is based on the application & customized needs, please contact us for more information.
  • Oeko-Tex Seandard 100
  • RoHS