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PTFE Weaving Fabric / Scrim
YEUMIFLON Weaving Fabric / Scrim offers the high quality ePTFE solutions for a wide range of filtration application.
YEUMIFLON Weaving Fabric / Scrim has with exceptional strength and good heat and chemical resistant. These excellent and stability properties cause that they are used widely in filtration applications to separate the impurities and harmful materials efficiently.

YEUMIFLON Weaving Fabric is a 100% fluoropolymer fabric made with high-strength PTFE. It offers durability, strength, and flexibility. It transmits up to 40% of light. It combines goo light and water resistance with the ability to withstand repeated flexing and folding, an advantage over coated fiberglass fabrics. The material is pliable enough for retractable and deployable structures.
  • 100% PTFE
  • Unaffected by common chemicals, pH 0-14
  • Non-contaminating, non-toxic
  • Using temperature from -450 to +500°F, for short time up to +600°F
  • Low shrinkage at high temperature
  • Non-aging
  • Non-flammable - meets standard
  • LOI is greater than 95%

Compatible fluids: Corrosive fluid, acid, alkali, solvent, waste liquid and oils.
Non-compatible fluids: Melted alkali metal, fluorine at liquid and gas states.

We could weave the fabric per customer’s request, please contact us directly.
  • High temperature filter bags
  • General industrial filter
  • Pre-filtering material for wet precision filter
  • Various types of bearing cloth
  • Automotive, OA equipment, general
  • industrial machinery uses
  • Braid packing for valves, agitators and
  • Industrial textile and tents
  • Textile clothes
  • Textile architecture